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Queen Amoresque

Weaved in regal Chanderi fabric, these unique and stunningly elegant designs are one of a kind. Inspired by Persian architecture and infused with delicate florals, these designs have a rich, regal air.

    • Red Regal
    • Red Regal   A vibrant red flowy lehenga with intricate folds paired with a white triangular top sculpted to perfection in beautiful chanderi fabric. Rs. 68,000.00
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    • Red Queen
    • Red Queen   A gold embroidered white chanderi top paired with a vibrant red and gold chanderi bottom with a unique a-symmetrical dupatta with delicate embroidery. Rs. 62,000.00
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    • Royal Roses
    • Royal Roses   A black and pink combination of rosy embroidered top and white, gold and a sprinkle of pink, layered graceful lehenga , both in luxurious chanderi. Rs. 72,000.00
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    • Midnight Walk
    • Midnight Walk   A black and gold combination of a beautiful off-shoulder chanderi top angularly crafted paired with a regal skirt. Rs. 68,000.00
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    • Her Highness
    • Her Highness   A classy black sculpted top with gold sleeves and embroidery paired with a long white and gold skirt, both in pure chanderi. Rs. 62,000.00
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    • Gold Princess
    • Gold Princess   The black and pink combination with delicate floral hand embroidery and chudidaar sleeves paired with an edgy layered gold lehenga both in chanderi. Rs. 62,000.00
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